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Plenitude Capital Sdn Bhd also specializes in providing patients with high quality medical beds, equipment, tools and supplies in a timely fashions.


At Plenitude Capital Sdn Bhd we are pleased to offer our valued customers with state-of-the-art medical beds, equipment, tools, and supplies. We append with a list and pictures of some of the most popular medical equipment products carried and supplied by PCSB aimed to increasing the quality of daily life.


At Plenitude Capital Sdn Bhd we had a wide rage of products and services to satisfy most of customers medical equipment needs. PCSB can also find a customized solution that will be best meet your requirement. Feel free to contact us to learn more about how PCSB services can benefit you.

Plenitude Capital Sdn Bhd does not only provide medical equipment, tools or supplies but we are also affiliated with many other medical service companies to find the solution that will bring you the maximum benefit. Our hospital and medical equipment are guaranteed by numerous customers around the world, the reason is that we provide products that not only with high quality but also at competitive prices.


PCSB is a supplier of hospital and medical equipment, hospital chair, examination stool, I.V. stand equipment, hamper stand, step stool, emergency cart, hospital instrument equipment, medication trolley, utility trolley, storage rack equipment, surgical table equipment and a wide variety of medical and hospital equipment.

Intensive Cares Unit


Transport bed

Electric ICU/CCU Bed


Delivery Bed


Patient Transport Trolley





Bed Accessories


Medical Carts


Bassinet Cots

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