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Liquid Fertilizer


The new revolution products which is fast in absorption by crop and reduce wastage. Able to be applied with insecticides and herbicides, non toxic, no side effects on both human and crops.

We specially formulated liquid fertilizer for every type of crop and plants which increases the quality and quantity of harvest and reduce the loss of fruits. It encourages the growth of oil palm trees to promote sufficient growth of the fruits, thus increasing yield and the oil content in the palm fruits.

Citric acid needed by the plants and provides nutrients for effective absorption. All type of plants & restores depleted soil, improves soil aeration, water permeability, and soil aggregation. It also enhances water holding capacity, aid in photosynthesis, strengthens and improves root developments. It increases and activates good soil microorganisms.

As the Results:

1. Increase productivity

2. Reduction of loose fruits

3. Increase sizes

4. Enhance mineral absorption and increases plants nutrient content

5. Aids in photosynthesis process

6. Stimulate plants metabolism to speed growth

7. Improves roots development and strengthens it

8. Higher level of tolerance to stress and disease

9. Release locked up nutrients

10. Does not leach

11. Stimulate plants respiratory system

12. Can be applied together with insecticides and fungicides.

13. Replace compound NPK fertilizer totally

14. Speed up cell division

15. Cost Effective

16. Cheap but we didn't compromise in quality

Recommendation and Measurement for Use was shown on the packing.